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Give a person food and they will eat for a day, teach someone to grow food and they will eat for a lifetime.

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Site Selection

Raised Bed Build

Most households have space for a raised bed. Its all about balancing location with accessibility and exposure to sunlight. We will work with you to find the best space.

Our carpenters will assemble functional and beautiful raised beds from untreated lumber. Delivery and setup occurs in a day and is totally hands free for the homeowner.

Soil Delivery

Maintenance and


The health of your soil translates directly through your garden and those who work in it. This is why we source our soil thoughtfully and offer premium compost upon demand.

We offer additional services after your raised bed garden is installed. Our products, experience and techniques will ensure you have a successful home gardening experience the very first year.



Closing the gap between good food, family and the household. We have a standard home garden bed that we offer at the most efficient price.



We believe you get more than fresh and delicious food when you grow your own. The process lends itself well to family bonding or quiet and thoughtful alone time. Tending the soil and raising crops has been a part of being human for thousands of years. There are many lessons to learn and undoubtedly many good memories to be harvested alongside some fresh produce.

We will swiftly deliver and prep your raised bed gardens so you can get growing as soon as possible this spring. One four foot by twelve foot bed is perfect for a diverse offering of kitchen herbs and has ample room for a few other house favorites. Two of these and you are ready for a serious harvest of your favorite veggies!

Raised beds ensure good soil composition for root crops like radish, beets, and carrots. Follow our instagram page for gardening tips to be sure you get the most out of your grow season.

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